Readers, gardeners, farmers and plant-lovers, it is our pleasure to welcome you! Our website promotes seeds, both rare and heirloom open-pollinated seeds, free of all hybrids and genetically modified organisms, as well as seeds that are responsibly produced, which are sought after by gardeners and farmers for planting.

Despite the fact that we cover a wide range of seed types, we place a special focus on seeds that are seldom offered or discussed by the general public. These seeds give birth to a wonderful assortment of vegetables, herbs, and ornamentals, many of which the typical American has never heard of. Nevertheless, apart from the inherent beauty of these ancient plant species from all over the globe, we believe that it is very necessary to conserve, propagate, and disseminate them while the opportunity still exists.

This is when the “revolution” aspect of the title comes into play. Clearly, there is a compelling argument for fundamental changes in the way our food is produced, processed, and delivered. Small farmers are being driven out of business all over the world by the sugar-coated policies and practices of large corporations. They are working to reduce the rich diversity of food resources and knowledge that the human race has to a few patented varieties owned and controlled by them from seed to table.

It should be ordinary people, not businesses, who determine how food policy is developed and implemented in our nation and around the globe. Otherwise you lose the possibilities for happiness as civilization crumble.

An effective strategy for countering food supply constraints involves encouraging the small-scale, decentralized use of food crops that are not prohibited from being saved as seeds by law, food crops with stories and histories behind them. Food crops that look great and taste fantastic, food crops that are fun and interesting to grow, and food crops that promote physically and economically healthy local communities, bringing about a ‘heaven on earth’  for food and plants that the people, not corporations can control.